Whether you want to build a home for your growing family or need your kitchen to be more functional, Phoenix Home Builders provides the solutions you need. We offer custom-home building and remodeling services that help you achieve long-lasting value.

Custom Home Building

Choosing to build your home is a significant decision, and selecting a qualified builder is essential to a successful result. At Phoenix Home Builders, our skilled craftsmen are experienced in all phases of custom-home construction:

  • Site evaluation and preparation
  • Foundations
  • Framing
  • Finish carpentry
  • Windows and doors
  • Plumbing, electrical and HVAC

Our design-build service streamlines the construction process, from the initial planning stage through the final finishing touches. We will assist with obtaining building permits and ensure your home passes all required inspections. We incorporate green technology when possible in order to help you save on fuel bills, decrease energy use and reduce the carbon imprint of your home. Whether it’s a long-awaited retirement home or a scenic country estate, we build quality, energy-efficient homes that are safe and comfortable.


Remodeling is a way for you to stay in the home you love while gaining extra living space. Remodeling also enables you to make your current space more functional and adds value to your home. From creating a family room where you can relax to making your home wheelchair accessible for an elderly family member, we can take your ideas and transform them into a beautifully designed, functional home. We offer several levels of remodeling services:

  • Whole-house remodels
  • Room additions
  • Kitchen renovations

We handle demolition and debris removal, coordinate skilled trades and complete all of the rough and finish carpentry. Whether you want to add a master bedroom suite or expand to a second story, you can be sure of quality workmanship in all of our remodeling projects. As time passes, your needs and way of life may change. At Phoenix Home Builders, we can build a new home or tailor your current home to accommodate changes in your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve the quality and comfort you deserve.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction service contains the necessary steps to begin the home construction process. Activities in this service can include everything from purchasing the lot to helping to apply and acquire the permits needed for a home to be constructed.

There are five essential parts to pre-construction service. helping with the design of a home, financing the lot where the home will be built, financing and pre-qualifying the person building the home for any needed monetary assets, permit application and acquisition, and planning the budget for the home construction process.

Designing the home: It’s essential to design the home to know the materials needed, the quantity of materials needed and the type of labor that needs to be hired for the process. A comprehensive design contributes to a timely schedule and lower costs.

Purchasing the lot: Local agencies require the person constructing on a plot of land to purchase the lot. This can involve negotiating with parties such as land owners and local government agencies to ensure the right type and size of plot can be acquired.

Financing/Pre-Qualifying: For most people, financing the home they are about construct must be done because they cannot pay for all the fees directly out of their pocket at once. This involves negotiating with local lending institutions and other parties to ensure the proper funds can be acquired.

Acquiring Permits: Local regulations require permits for electrical wiring, plumbing, approval of construction blueprints and many other things. The number of permits required can become quite numerous, thus they should be acquired before construction begins.

Budgeting: Dealing with a fixed amount of funds means that a budget is essential to ensure that the construction process can be finished. Workers, materials and permits all must be accounted for in the budget before construction begins.